130615 Saturday 1000


Come say farewell to Scott & Mary Rezendes as they depart Korea for their next assignment.  Athletes, coaches and plankholders to Fight Tonight CrossFit.  Thanks for all you’ve done, we’ll see you at the next WOD.

Sparta 300!

Team WOD

While one team member Spartan-carries a spear (45/35# barbell) locked out overhead and shield (35/25# dumbbell) at the ready for 50 meters, their partner performs max reps of the movements below, alternating each round:



goblet squat 53/44# kb

flutter kicks


KB deadlift 53/44#

After the first team member completes the Spartan-carry, switch out and perform reps.  Alternate until each team member completes 300 meters Spartan-carry, and each team member performs max reps for each movement.

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