130209 Saturday 1000

SHE: “Are you sure this is how you spot a front squat?”
HE: “Uh-huh, heels down, knees out!”

Zatsiorsky, Scaling, and Power
This is not news. In fact, this article was originally published June 18, 2010. Thanks in large part to Nathaniel’s mention of it on our FB page it has generated some lively discussion…as it should. It’s just a short bit but worthy of re-reading every six months or so or whenever you feel like you’re getting too big for your britches. And I really like it because the math part was so easy.
50 x squats
7 x ring dips
10 x hang power snatch

(Coaches Note: In keeping with Mr. Zatsiorsky’s assertions re: speed and power we will set our WOD loads at or below 50% of the athletes 1RM)

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